The Machine and the Beast

by Alwaid

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Alwaid's second album, entitled The Machine and the Beast, will offer an exploration of the cycle of civilization. The songs relate how mankind struggles to free itself from its primal animality and to gain control over the machine, which will lead to its ultimate fall.

Order vs. chaos, instinct vs. reason, desire vs. logic, grandeur vs. decay – multiple conflicting facets and contrary impulses which make man's identity a complex and imperfect one. As a symbol of this dual aspect, and of the album itslef: the mythical Amphisbaena, two-headed serpent that tries to go both ways at once...

Alwaid's inspirations still come from the great works and myths that have left their traces over our culture. Our music is home to literary monsters, formidable Goliaths to be smitten down whatever the price (Moby Dick), or more insidious creatures when the monster hides behind a human face (Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper...). Some songs tell of the wonders and misguided ways of relentless science, that ends up defeated by life itself, for « life will find a way » (Ian Malcolm, of course!); others tell of man's anguish when confronting the possibility of his own degeneration (our beloved Lovecraft); others, finally, evoke the romantic nostalgia for a lost state of nature, and the ecstatic liberation you feel when you return to the wild.


released May 13, 2017

vocals: Marie Perrier
guitars: Maxime Renard
bass: Simon Lamarcq
keys: Laurent Feisthauer
drums: Robin Grabman

Additional guitars: Giovanni Roseau
Art: Zero-Scarecrow13
Recorded at Noise Factory Studio
Orchestrations and mix by SunTzu Records
Mastered at Sound' Up Studio.



Alwaid Lille, France

Alwaid is a melodic metal band from Lille, France. Founded in 2010 as a band both melodic and with a touch of heavy metal, it was named after a star that evokes a nocturnal and oneiric world. A demo was released in the course of the summer 2012. After a number of shows in 2013, the band's first album "Lacus Somniorum" was released in March 2014. ... more

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